Friday, January 22, 2010

Where is God? by John Townsend

Thomas Nelson Book Review

John Townsend is co-author of the popular boundaries series and reinvents himself in this realm of christian living with the title Where is God? Such a good question! This book is specifically geared for those facing hard times. I so appreciated the gentle approach that Townsend took-not degrading to those who are seeking, but comforting that God is also seeking them. There is great wisdom in the simple things and sometimes all any of us really needs to know is that He's there. God certainly doesn't need humans to be fulfilled, but He chooses to be a part of us, to relate to us in our humanity and to make himself known. What you'll discover by the end of the book is-He was there all along. An excellent read and a perfect gift for a friend who is struggling.

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