Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book Club February

YES! This is me breaking my own rules about not having Robert Benson as a book of the month feature. Ha ha! We have so many new readers that have never read this book and hear me talk about it all the time so the time has come. Again. Between the Dreaming and the Coming True is the February book of the month. I wore out 3 copies all by myself. Everyone I've ever known to read it loved it, but I highly doubt anyone is brave enough to tell me they didn't :) So by all means read it or read it again. I've totally lost count of how many times I've read this book and I absolutely plan to read it again in February right along with you. It's just the best! We'll discuss it at the end of Feb. complete with my list of quotes from the book most of which are all over my house:) ENJOY!

And the fiction pick of the month is Never Say Never by Lisa Wingate. I LOVE Lisa Wingate. She's hilarious and a very easy read. Enjoy!

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