Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My dearest friend

I started blogging for me. I love to have an outlet to write and share my life with family and friends, but it really started just for me. In my heart I'm really good at journaling. In my real life I hardly ever do it. Typing 90 words a minute makes journaling easier by keyboard! But I secretly would love to be 80 years old and have an office surrounded by years of recorded excerpts of God's faithfulness. Maybe someday.

Occasionally I get a comment on my blog that makes me know it's worth it. Sometimes I think all any of us really needs to know is that someone, somewhere is willing to walk our pace to get to our destination. We don't need advice. We don't even need a shoulder to cry on that often. What we need is to know that people will be there if we need them. A safety net. Someone you can call at 3 am even if what's incredibly burdensome at the moment may not even matter by 9 am! Someone you can honestly say to, "I know God is in control but right now it doesn't seem like it!" and know that they will drop everything to take your concerns to the Father on your behalf.

I'm so blessed to have a person just like that in my life. It boggles my mind that we've been friends for 14 years. I'm sad a little every day that we live exactly 988.80 miles apart (some days it feel like more!). We're nowhere near the same age. Our lives do not mirror one another. There's really no reason we should be friends. But God knows better than we do. We have walked every spiritual step of the last decade and a half together. I cannot tell you the literally hundreds of times God has put one of us on the other's heart only to find that something significant is going on in our spiritual journey. It reassures me every time that God loves us and cares for us in this life. I haven't lived anywhere near her for 12 years, but our relationship in the Lord could not be stronger.

And we always pick up right where we left off whether it's been a minute, a day, a month or several months. Aren't those relationships the best? I got this e-mail from her today and just had to share it. Not because of me, but because God can take our little offerings and turn them into something that can bless someone else. All the glory to Him for sure.

Kathy Fillman-you are the best thing that ever happened to my spiritual life. I could talk about the Lord with you continually until He returns and it wouldn't be long enough. Thanks for always encouraging me to live for Him. Let's live MUCH closer in Heaven!


Just had to drop you a quick note and let you know how much God is putting you on my mind lately .....physically, spiritually, and mentally. Your blog of 12-30-09 on "the kind of solace of surrender" -- WOW!! ---for us to be 30 years apart in age and still experiencing the same thing---you just put it in words what all my feelings have been -- God does not see us as we are He sees us as we will be with Him in eternity. "To look within ourselves now and be discouraged is to miss it all. God, you look at us in your tomorrow and rejoice over us as one finding great spoil."

I am in the fifth week of Beth Moore's new study on Breaking Free -- 10 years ago she set me free and she is doing it again -- in session 4 she ends the tape with a very emotional response to God -- she said "Won't it be wonderful when we meet God face to face in eternity and He says to us -- "WE MADE IT! WE MADE IT!! You and I WE MADE IT! I want to stand firm and not let Satan's lies deter me from the truth God has for me. I am going to walk this out with Him and you Brenda -- you Brenda --have enlightened me so many times with your blog. I am so glad God has journeyed our paths together.

I am also praying for your mind as you journey through each of these days -- God has many plans for you -- you are a faithful servant of Him ....

All my love to you Brenda -- stand tall --you are a precious, chosen Daughter of the King!!!

Hugs, Kathy

Hugs right back to you sweet friend.

Who in your life needs to know that you are blessed to be walking beside them on this journey of faith? Tell them!


Anonymous said...

I heart Kathy Fillman!

Kelly said...

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-:) Hugs !!!