Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bonus Book!

Okay, okay. I just mentioned to one of my friends that Robert Benson's book was the February book of the month and she cracked up laughing and said, "Brenda, everyone who knows you at all has read that book or had it quoted to them by you!" She might be right. So feel free to read it again and it is still our book of the month, but additionally we're going to be reading Beth Moore's latest book So Long Insecurity set to release Feb. 2nd. (YOU GUYS ARE KILLING ME WITH ALL THIS READING!) At this rate we are going to be well rounded, spiritually mature, super readers by December! I was going to save her book for March but okay, fine-we'll read this in February too :) And why not-I'll review this one too! You all are the best! Happy reading :)

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