Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm seriously conservative to the point of being totally boring most of the time. That's not an apology or an explanation, just an observation. I feel certain I would have fit better into society several decades ago. I have some wonderful friends who hold very similar values to my own and are themselves very conservative. Most of them live forever far away from me, but still I'm thankful for them about 800 times a minute. And the rest of the world around me I want to choke most of the time.

I will preface this by saying that I have not in any way arrived. No really, I haven't. I cannot think of another season in my spiritual life that the Lord and I have so much to work on it's making my head spin. I fluctuate several times a day between being very thankful for grace and feeling like the biggest project the Lord has ever undertaken.

But I've really had enough of people in my life professing to be Christians and living their lives for Christ and being involved in all kinds of things they have no business being a part of. And then somehow convincing themselves that this is not only God's best for them, but HIS WILL. I'm fairly certain that the standards the Lord set for his people have not changed. If you like things changing to fit the way you think, then be Morman. Otherwise I'm sure the Lord would like you to do things His way.

About 6 months ago I felt very much like God was telling me 2 things. 1. Do not be mediocre. and 2. Do not compromise. It did not feel like a suggestion. It did not feel like a threat. It just felt like what I needed to do at any cost. It wasn't the easy option and it still isn't. By far life with the Lord isn't boring, but sometimes it makes Thursday nights feel boring :) And still I feel like it's totally worth it. I want to live for the Lord now more than anything this world has to offer at any given moment. But it's hard sometimes.

It's not my responsibility to know the mind of Christ. I don't know how he picks what to do or when to do it or who to bless with what at what time. I don't know. It doesn't always (ever) seem fair to me but it wasn't exactly fair that Christ hung on a cross for sins I committed either now does it?

But I will tell you one thing. I'm totally done with participating in other people's compromises. If you ask my opinion about the sin you're living in, I'm going to tell you with all the love of Jesus I can find. People do not need other people to make them feel better about their sin. I need more people in my life to tell me the truth about a lot of things, and I'm going to tell the people in my life (who ask) the truth too. As a matter of fact I already have in recent weeks both given and received hard truth. I found it much easier to give (ha!).

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