Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thomas Nelson Book Review-Sacred Meal

I just finished the book The Sacred Meal by Sara Gallagher. Awesome. I am totally loving the ancient practices series. I have had my eyes opened more than once to how important Christianity is from long ago until today. We are part of a bigger family, a greater circle, and a more important life than just our own. She says in this book "to engage in a spiritual practice is to show up and not get attached to the outcome." In other words, we don't love God because of what He does for us. We love Him because He's God and He loved us first. "Holy communion was a web, a web of people who were being stitched together."
I liked that she talked about communion being done in community. It really isn't meant to be done alone from the preparation to the taking of communion to the afterward we are called to fellowship with one another. "When we all show up and do our parts, we are the sacrament, the body of Christ. Do this to remember me. Do this to remember who you were with me. Do this to remember who you are."
I sometimes wonder why we make some parts of Christianity so hard. "Why is it that I have to be dragged, kicking and screaming into paradise?" I wonder that myself sometimes. And I wonder why it's so hard to stay connected to fellow believers. This quote hit me over the head. "If you break all the covenants: if you travel too far from what is balanced and sane, you just go over the edge." Ouch.
I like that she referred to communion as opening our hands and trusting God to fill them with what He wants to.
"Christ is everywhere, especially in bread and wine, where, as Luther says, he binds himself and us to each other."
Great and important read!

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