Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blog post 12-Heaven

Day 12-Heaven

I know all the verses in Revelation that talk about the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven. People going up to heaven. I know. I just don't like it.

Somewhere in my head I just don't like it that God the Father, Jesus, the Spirit are SOOOOO far away. In college one of our professors offered a theory that we are 3 dimensional and Heaven is in the 4th dimension which puts them right next to us but on a different plane. I can't explain it all mathematically! But I really loved that. It makes them seem so close.

And they are close. Somewhere in the great plan of things God can be fully in heaven and fully in the hearts of millions of people. I don't know how all that works and I don't really have to I suppose. I just like them HERE please!

It might be a little sci-fi movie ish but I like to think when we hold our hands out Jesus takes them in another dimension. We can't see Him, but we know He's there. Where 2 or more are gathered and He is there? He's not physically here, but He is absolutely here.

Which means dying really doesn't put us on a huge elevator to the sky but rather a turning around into a new reality only to find that we've known it was there all along.

which works for me!

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