Monday, November 9, 2009

Blog Post 8-books!

Day 8-BOOKS!

I honestly never ever in a million years thought I would blog so much about books! But, I continue to get LOTS of comments and questions about what to read, my favorite authors, etc. And I totally get that. There's nothing I love more than when my friends who read a lot say, "You have to read this!"

I would encourage you to see my list of my favorite books and books worth reading. In general I love well thought out fiction, humorous fiction, really solid theological books and the occasional biography.

People always think I don't do anything else except read because I talk about books so much on here! Ha! I read super fast but I can't speed read. I can finish an average book in several hours. And I try to make time to read when I can because I really enjoy it. Some weeks I don't read a word honestly. It just depends on how tired I am by the time the day is done. I also really don't love TV and consider several times a year throwing it in the trash can. I only watch TV when I'm super tired or doing something else to have noise in my house. I don't have some great opinion on TV so don't send me e-mails about it! I just think for me it's kind of a waste of time. Plus, I love to read and I certainly understand that some people don't.

I'm going to do a separate post on daily devotions since that seems to come up with the book questions for tomorrow.

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