Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blog post 7-transparency

Day 7-Transparency

We seem to have a bunch of comments about being ourselves with the Lord, being honest with Him and telling Him how we really feel. Trust me, I have the same concerns and questions but it still cracks me up! Who better to be real with?

I really try to remind myself that He already knows. He is not falling off His throne every time I mess up. He knows at my best I'm still human. He's not surprised when I make promises I can't keep, but sees straight through to the heart of that promise and acknowledges my desire to be like Him. He certainly knows what I have done, what I'll do today that will be totally ridiculous, and what I'll do in the future. He knows.

And still......

He offers us his hand when we stumble, his heart when we're hurting, his ear when we're lonely, his plan when we're lost, his purpose when we're hopeless and his grace when we trip all over ourselves.

God has whispered to me in so many different ways lately, "I am with you. Always." It's made a huge difference. I've appreciated in a new way His invitation to be real with Him. To share my fears, to voice my frustrations and the accept His help which is always offered.

Jesus, we'll never take you by surprise. You know it all. We are humbly part of your bigger plan. Remind us that what we do today may very well change all of eternity. Let us not miss a moment. Amen

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