Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blog post 10-non issues

Day 10-Non-issues

I honestly think sometimes Jesus must look down here at His followers and feel like He's running a daycare. As believers we argue over the most insignificant things and demand our righteousness whether we're right, they're right or no one is right. It's ridiculous if you think about it. I have a list of non-issues. Unless it's someone I know that we can disagree and still maintain a quality relationship, I do not discuss the following things with people. It works out really well for me.

Alcohol-I don't drink. Ever. I don't think alcohol has much to offer the quality of a life myself and I spend much of my time on the weekend dealing with it's negative effects. That said, I could not care less if you drink. I think the Bible is pretty clear about not getting drunk. Otherwise, it seriously makes no difference to me. I'm around people who drink frequently. I don't care that they drink and they don't care that I don't. Besides-alcohol has way too many calories :) Non-issue.

Media-I think God would have us protect our minds, ears, etc. in so much as we are able. I also don't think you can see someone doing drugs on TV-start a cocaine addiction and blame Hollywood. Grow up. We live in a world where ungodly images are flashed before us so frequently we don't even notice anymore which is unfortunate. I know people who don't own a TV and I wish often that I didn't. I also know people that watch things I would never watch and they're on their way to Heaven just as much as I am. I fall somewhere in the middle I'm sure. We need to stand guard absolutely. I don't judge people for their choices though.

A bunch of random spiritual issues-I LOVE to debate the Bible, to discuss the Lord, to be involved in a really good conversation about what's going on-LOVE IT! I can't think of many things I enjoy more. There are people in my life with whom we can discuss different sides of the same issue for 2 hours, agree to disagree and leave as friends. Love them. There are other people in my life that if you disagree with them on a single point they have a total hissy fit and question your salvation. SPARE ME. I only get into debates about spiritual things with group A. I'll discuss the weather with group B :)

I'm not afraid to talk to anybody about anything. I've always been one of those people that people feel like they can tell anything to-and trust me-they do! I don't get embarrassed easily-at all-and I love a really good conversation. It's just that sometimes it's not worth it! SO, those are my non-issues. Anything else is obviously on the table!! :)

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