Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blog Post 6-Friendship

Day 6-Friendship

Friendship is tricky business if you're asking me. I love my friends most of whom do not live anywhere near me. I used to love having a million friends everywhere, but lately I'm starting to see great value in having a few solid friendships worth investing in. I've taken stock recently in a lot of relationships and found many of them not to be what God would have. There's nothing wrong with the people, the relationships just have no eternal value.

I certainly don't think you have to be so high and mighty that you cannot have anything to do with people who are not on a similar spiritual path. I think we're called to be among a lot of different people and that will always change as the seasons and times of our lives are adjusted. And our every day acquaintances are not that concerning to me. It's the people we choose to be around the most, those that you just know have a drop of eternity mixed in, divine appointments that are unmistakably from the Lord, and people we're on a similar mission with that need our attention, our prayers and our focus. And I think the Lord does intend for us to take our friendships seriously. What are you offering and what is being offered in return that betters your life?

My longest friendship/relationship is probably my sweet friend Kathy who I met at a very divine appointment 16 years ago. It doesn't seem that long, but it has been! I can't think of another soul on the planet that knows more about me than she does. We honestly don't get the opportunity to connect that frequently, but we never miss a beat. It brings tears to my eyes to think of the number of times God has laid each of us on the other's heart to pray for and encourage each other. It may be one of only a handful of relationships that I have seen and felt God orchestrate from the very beginning. It's amazing when He's in the middle of anything.

And it makes me long for more divine appointments in life. To not be so busy that I miss the opportunities God presents to connect with another person on a God level. To trust God to bring those into my path that He has for me and to trust that those He takes away will go for a reason.

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