Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blog topic 13-death

Day 13-Death

Revelation 21:4 There shall be no more death.

Death is inevitable unless the Lord returns to sweep us off our feet into eternal glory. The thing that bugs me about death is you really can't ask anyone about it. Apart from strange people that have spent 90 minutes or 23 minutes or ate bad pizza before they went to bed-no one has been there. No one prepared you for your birth and the only people who can help to prepare you for death-are people who are still alive!

Frustrating, huh? Now I know a whole bunch of hospice workers and nursing people and doctors who have seen enough death to be relative experts on the topic. There are common themes and reactions in death for sure. In any stressful situation there are obvious scriptures and human comfort that can ease the transition for most people without the knowledge of what exactly is on the "other side."

I don't think a lot about death. I think it's kind of a waste of living, but it crosses my mind from time to time. I guess anything can happen anywhere, but as the population increases in mental illness AND violence as a combination it is concerning. Just this week it has come up in meetings at work that there is no metal detector at the hospital where I work. Any given weekend I'm the first person people see coming in right off the street. I assume they do not have a weapon, but I don't know that. And from there they are escorted to my office which is the only one open on the weekends on an isolated hallway. When I think about it like that (which I've had reason to the past few weekends) it makes me nervous sometimes.

Which makes me glad that my days have been appointed long before I had thought about them. My days have been numbered since I've had a day to number. I can rest in the promises that my future is secure in the one who made me from the very beginning. And the promise that the One who has overcome the grave will welcome me when this life is done.

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So, I pretty much don't want you to work there any more.