Monday, May 30, 2011

600 Posts!

Happy 600 Posts to Peace Love Jesus and Coffee!!!!!

What? You're surprised we've made it this far? You and me BOTH!

I started this blog as a place to process what God was up to in my life and I never intended for anyone else to read it. It was actually a private blog for a long time. But, then, in conversations I would talk about what I was thinking and people would say, "You should write that down," and I already had. So a few of my "people" got my blog by e-mail. Soon they were passing it on to their friends and they were asking to be on the list. Eventually it just seemed a little silly to keep it private.

So, to my 26 "official" followers - you are the best. And to all the people who read my blog via twitter, facebook, e-mail, whatever (and I know you're out there because my stats say you are!) thank you, too. It's fun to share my life and my faith journey with you.

Here's my thoughts after 600 posts -

1. It was the best decision ever ever ever to moderate comments. There's a whole lotta power in reading something hurtful, unfair, or ridiculous and just hitting DELETE! I learned that the hard way after getting crucified on a post around Christmas time.

2. The posts you think everyone will love, everyone hates. The posts you think are total ramblings and a waste of virtual space will get the most hits and the most comments. Go figure.

3. You have to blog often to maintain a group of people who read it.

4. Other people love books as much as I do (Gasp! Is that POSSIBLE?)

5. Virtual community is real community to me.

And here's the official stats!

In the last 600 posts -

8,565 - times this blog has been read

15 times today

40 times yesterday

737 times this month

Most read post of all time? this one.

A breakdown of people who read by country :

United States
South Korea
South Africa
United Kingdom

Some of you know my new website is ready to go and part of it would be moving the blog there. I'll let you know if I decide to move it, but for now I feel at home right where it is. Thanks for being along for the ride.


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