Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Washington The General - A book review

I make myself read five books a year that I'm sure I won't like. It's character building or something. So when this one popped up in my list of books to read I thought, "Why not?" Here's the funny thing about picking books I won't like - sometimes I do. I wasn't very far into this book when I found it actually wonderful. The writing is fabulous and so easy to read. The content is interesting even to a person who does not prefer ever to read anything historical. And here's my favorite part. The author is discussing a war with the French (told you - not a history person) and he made this comment, "They have bad hearts. Their intentions were evil." When is the last time we went to war and considered the hearts of our enemies? When did we see the people we are against as people and not the enemy? This book made me appreciate Washington as a leader in several ways, but more than anything it renewed my respect for him as a person. Whether this is your kind of book or not, I highly recommend it.

*For Thomas Nelson

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