Monday, May 30, 2011

Jesus, My Father, the CIA and me - A book review

Do you ever look back on the events of your life and find the common thread is that God has been drawing you to Himself all along? Me too. I always feel like God looked across the sea of humanity, saw me, and said, "Oh! I need a challenge. I'll take her." Spirituality and Christ in me the hope of glory have always been what resonates from the core of my being. I like to be around spiritual people. I'm one of those people that when you remove God from my life you really do lose everything. For these reasons and more I loved this book. It's such a beautiful memoir of a child growing up not only with an alcoholic father, but one who worked for the CIA off and on. Ian Cron is transparent about his own struggle with alcohol, feeling like God has abandoned him when he needed him most, and ultimately finding his way back to a Father who has loved him all along. Inspiring, hope filled, and a beautiful read. I enjoyed every page.

*For Thomas Nelson

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