Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Ella!!!!

Yep, this is my Ella in the dryer a few weeks ago. She hopped up in there like she does it all the time??? Funny girl. This is her classic look. I call it, "Yeah? So what?"

I can't believe it's been SEVEN years since I picked her up at the breeders weighing just under a pound. There were 6 new cocker spaniel puppies in the kennel. When I walked up five of them jumped up and down seemingly saying, "Pick me! Pick me!" Ella sat in the back with a look on her face like, "Take me or leave me. I will not perform for you." I looked at the guy and said, "THAT ONE!" He looked at me like I was crazy :)

What a great decision that turned out to be! She's my second pup, but good luck telling her she's not the alpha dog. She's the smallest and she's the boss. She's my shadow and my favorite snuggle buddy. She has slept on my pillow since the night I brought her home. It's her great joy in life for me to throw her ball with the chuck-it and then let me convince her to give it back. So fun.

She's the only one of my 3 dogs who has never tried to run away, she doesn't need a leash, she refuses to leave my side, she loves to go to Petsmart, and is awesome travel buddy as long as she gets to sit in someone's lap. She makes me laugh every single day.

And I'm so thankful she picked me to be hers.

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl! I adore you!!


Meredith Gould said...

She clearly has your 'tude...or did you pick yours up from her? Nature or nurture? Doesn't matter, it's all puppy love, right?

Brenda said...

We learned from each other :)