Monday, May 2, 2011

Yoga Be still and Know

This is my new yoga mat. Yep. That's an iPod connection and a speaker at the top. Is technology cool or what???

In the course of the last 10 private yoga sessions I have wavered at least 20 times - love it! hate it! Can't do it! Can do it! It's pretty amazing the range of emotions that accompany this practice. Again, I had no idea.

Apparently "fluid motion" does not come easily for people who have been runners a long time, especially runners who are terrible at stretching (guilty!). Running fits better into my personality. 4 miles - go! Work toward a half marathon. Finish it! Run a whole marathon - Check! Start a practice that even 30 years from now you will not have mastered? Hold that pose and don't move? Slow down, be quiet, focus but don't think? Ummmmmm. What?

If my instructor needs a recommendation for sainthood she has my full cooperation. She is infinitely patient and probably more aware than I am of how much I need yoga at this time in my life. We finished a set of poses today and she said, "You did it!" I thought she meant finished the poses and did not fall over/look ridiculous. She said, "You held every pose as long as you were supposed to, did all transitions beautifully and breathed well the whole time! Great job!" Let's say she doesn't hand out compliments. Let's also say that I was so involved in what I was doing I didn't even notice I was doing better.

My life has needed a forced calm point. I knew with yoga I'd become more flexible physically, gain lean muscle and find better balance. I had no idea, just a few weeks in, it would impact almost every area of my life. I would discover great strength emerges from our greatest weakness. I would learn staying balanced is a day by day decision to stay in the moment. I've discovered that if I take time to acknowledge, God is in everything and if I listen carefully I can hear Him whisper, "Be still and know."

It may very well be a lifelong quest to let that knowing sink into every corner of this soul. I can't help but think yoga and faith have joined forces and this? This is just the beginning.


Jenny B. Jones said...

Love that you do yoga. I think I would love it if I'd do it consistently. I have a dozen yoga videos (yoga for pm, yoga for am, yoga for strength, yoga for relaxation, yoga for teachers, yoga for short girls who like fries...) but I cannot get long enough to indulge in it. And it's sad that I even consider it an indulgence. So keep going!!! I think it's awesome.

Brenda said...

Yoga for short girls who like fries. Hahahahaha! Loved that