Sunday, May 29, 2011

No Place LIke Holmes - A Book Review

Okay, so I don't usually read or review children's fiction titles, but I'm glad this once I made an exception. Historically, the Christian market has been sorely lacking in quality books for teens and under. Most available titles lack solid Biblical content and many contain cheesy scenarios that make many adolescents understandably roll their eyes and ask for Harry Potter. Is the same question I have for some adult religious authors, "Does faith material have to equal substandard writing?"

I was pleasantly surprised by Jason Lethcoe as he tells the story of Sherlock Holmes neighbor, also a detective, and a visit from his nephew for the summer. Themes of faith, suspense, family relationships and fear are presented in an age appropriate way. I found the story line much more interesting than I had expected. Secretly I was even a little bit happy when I checked on Amazon and saw there was a second story coming out soon. What? An adult who likes this writing enough to read another one? Indeed.

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