Friday, May 27, 2011

The Waiting Place

People always ask me what books I'm excited about because they know I've got the new ones at my fingertips often before they hit the shelves. I can honestly say this book is one of my new favorites. Eileen Button captures the art of waiting for things to happen, waiting on the Lord, and just waiting in general in a series of beautiful essays. I could so relate when she said this about her daughter, "I want her to think I am adventurous, creative, inspired and important. Instead, I feel, cautious, vulnerable, a little lazy and just plain stuck."

This book is for those who aren't good at waiting and who kick and scream at the Heavens sometimes and want to say, "Just do SOMETHING and hurry up!" It is for those who wake up one day and find themselves repeatedly sighing and thinking, This is so not the life I dreamed of living." Amen.

I appreciated the acknowledgement that waiting is hard while focusing on the value of learning to wait well. "The most priceless gifts can be discovered while waiting for something else."

It's a bad day book and it's a good day book. It's a curl up with a cup of tea and a blanket remembering that your loved by the Father kind of book. It's an overwhelming reminder that God not only knows we're waiting, He's waiting with us. In the waiting place.

For Thomas Nelson

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