Monday, May 30, 2011

Bach - A little heavy A book review

I've read a couple books in the Christian Encounter series. Ehh. I don't love them. They are almost textbook like in the amount of information they contain. And if that's what you're looking for, great, but I expected them to be almost entirely faith based. They are not. That said, this one was okay. I really had no idea that Back was so spiritually grounded. I know some of the history surrounding the time he was alive, but not to the extent that this book presents his story. His family life is interesting and it's no surprise after reading this that he followed in the rich musical heritage of his ancestors.

So, I didn't love it. I read for enjoyment and although this was very easy to read, it was not enjoyable per se to me. I did like a few quotes from the book.

"The God of Bach's age was a creator and sustainer, but also a motivator and inspirer."

"The priesthood of all believers not only removed barriers between individuals and God, but encouraged people to evangelize, participate in worship and understand all the details and implications of the liturgy."

"Bach began virtually every composition, even his secular music, with a blank paper on which he wrote, Jesu, juva (Jesus help me)."

"Bach was writing for an audience of one: God."

May that be true of us as well.

*For Thomas Nelson

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