Sunday, December 5, 2010

Put your feet down

The week gone by was supposed to be a serene week. It was, after all, the first week of Advent. I wanted it to be peaceful, quiet with extra time to listen and be still. Probably should have counted serenity out when I decided to run 4 miles on the treadmill Monday after recovering from a sprained Achilles tendon. Mix in a big bout with the Flu Thursday/Friday and there were no extra prayers said except "Save me from THIS-NOW!!"

Everywhere I walked in my house this week I noticed there were things I needed to be doing.
Light bulbs needed changed in rooms I never enter - WHY?
I need weed eater string and gas for the lawn mower
I need to change the air filters
sweep the back porch oh and the front porch
my house needs pressured washed
and I really need to take the spring wreath off the front door (it's 70 degrees-who cares)
I need to sell some furniture, move some furniture, and re-do some furniture (in my spare time)
the dogs need a bath and Odyssey needs his annual shots
My closet looks like a war zone and I haven't been in one of the guest bedrooms in so long someone might be living in there.
The whole house needs a good cleaning
The garage needs cleaned
the cabinets need repainted
the windows need washed
The dishwasher needs emptied from last week
bills need to be paid and a huge increase in taxes needs to be figured out

And I really just wanted a latte and a book and the couch.........for awhile.

Life has been coming at me 100 mph. Uphill financial battles, weird health stuff, questions people need answers to that I don't have, decisions I really need to make and the list goes on. I feel like someone pushed me in the pool and I forgot how to swim.

Which is exactly what I told the Lord the other day. "I can't breathe. I'm drowning in this current of craziness." And you know what He said? "Put your feet down. My foundation is strong and my arms are holding you."

And though nothing externally had changed.......I could breathe.


Melinda Lancaster said...

Wow! What a message..."put your feet down." So glad we are on an unsinking foundation. I believe I'll heed His word in my life as well.
All is well in Him.
Love you!

Sandra Heska King said...

And once you put them down firm, put them up. And rest.