Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jenny B. Jones Save the Date

Let's be serious-I really prefer long mystery books where everyone is dead in chapter 1. I know....I'm twisted like that. However, I've had to make an exception in recent years with the likes of Jenny B. Jones and Kristen Billerbeck. I can no longer say, "I don't read chick lit ever" and "If someone falls in love and no one dies I'm out." To the extent that I may have made a special trip to the offices of Thomas Nelson during my last trip to Nashville to ask politely (read beg embarrassingly) my sweet friend Shanda for this book. And when she claimed it was still on her nightstand I may or may not have begged other people in fiction that I now know for a coveted copy. Ahem.....

All that to say I ended up with 2 copies and my best friend did not have to rob my house in the middle of the night of said book when I wasn't through with it.

It's DELIGHTFUL! The characters blew me away. I wasn't sure about the ending until the last chapter. I love the delicate way God was woven into the story and how his grace was evident in how the stories unfolded. I love the common theme of helping others and the gentle reminders that how we build into the lives of those around us matters. I laughed out loud on more than one occasion and fell in love with even the minor characters. When I turned the last page I didn't want it to end.......in my book that's literary perfection.

Out this February all I can say is......You need to save the date and pre-order your copy TODAY!

Great job Jenny......I loved it!!


Jenny B. Jones said...

Girrrrl, thank you so much. Wow. That is an awesome review. I'm honored the book gets a nod from someone who likes mystery. And books where you see dead people. Totally blessed me. And next time, I'll try to kill a few folks by the end of chapter one.

Shanda said...

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you... I told you - it's a great book! And you're right about the supporting characters - I LOVED Justin & Grandma Claire. I'm also really hoping there's a sequel following Alex's little sister... Or maybe another book where Alex's twin brother surprises them all (and I'll stop typing so I don't give away any spoilers).