Friday, December 10, 2010

Conversations with me at yoga

In my ongoing quest for serenity and better focus-I love yoga. Usually I only have to remind myself to focus about 30 times in the hour I'm there, but last week there was ZERO paying attention for moi. Here's the conversation I caught myself having with myself........

"Those pants are cute.
I want pink yoga pants.
(change position)
Wait. I have those pants.
In black.
Where did I get them?
Belks. I love Belks.
I need to get that red sweater from Belks. OOOoo and the black necklace.
(change position)
I have the capri version too.
They ARE comfortable.
Did they have pink? I don't remember pink.
Both of the pairs I have are black with the white swirly thingy on them.
They are cute in black.
(change position)
Where is my hair tie?
Who does yoga with long hair without a hair tie?
When is my hair appointment?
I'm going to keep my hair dark for winter (change positions)
I think it's Friday. I can't go Friday. But maybe I will.
Is it too long?
Maybe I spend too much money on my hair.
(change position)
And maybe I need a pedicure-red with gold swirls for Christmas!
But the Gold is SO hard to get off.
(change position)."

And the quest continues........


Melinda Lancaster said...

This cracks me up. We need an "off switch" for our brains. Just sayin!

Sandra Heska King said...

This is hysterical! Perfectly disturbed.