Friday, December 3, 2010

Pick a Denomination

The whole denomination thing makes me laugh, mainly because I can't pick one. Apparently you are only supposed to be one. Yeah I don't want to. I referred to myself last night as 1/8th baptist. I could be 1/8th anything depending on the day.

I grew up baptist, spent a period of time in the Christian church, the Charismatic church, back to the Baptist church with life changing encounters with the high church mixed in. I pray gut level honest prayers created by my own heart and couldn't live without the Daily Office. I love the free flowing move of the Spirit and the predictable comfort of an excellent liturgy.

I feel right at home with traditional christian churches, people running down the isles of the charismatic church, and with the monks worshipping at the Abbey. My heart has connected to one over the others from time to time, but I could never just pick one. Maybe because the One at the center of any worship is unchanging. Just sayin.

Being bored the other day (dangerous) I got into an argument with someone about this very topic. She insisted that the Christian/Protestant churches were going to Heaven and the rest were in danger of the fiery end. I suggested that PERHAPS true faith came more from a foundational decision to accept Christ as a personal savior and less about whether one is a member of a particular denomination. She would hear none of it. I also, while I was at it, may have suggested that not everyone in the member book of a christian church was automatically granted access beyond the pearly gates. Also received surprisingly not well.

I love this season of my life. I have such wonderful friends who are Baptist, Charismatic, Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, and any other number of belief systems. And as far as I can tell we are all in love with a very big God who perhaps also cannot pick one denomination.

One of the things I adore most about Him.

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Cura Animarum said...

Very Honored to be counted among your friends...and wondering why I haven't visited your little corner of the Blogdom sooner! Very inspiring!

PS: When do I get to see your snow in action!? ;o)