Thursday, December 9, 2010

Books I'm giving this Christmas

Big surprise that I give books for Christmas right?? People always ask me which ones I'm giving and here they are!

I love Jan Karon and I want to live in Mitford. This book is a gift and wonderful addition to those who love this series.
Joel Rosenberg does it again with the 12th Imam. Action packed, currently relevant and a total page turner. What's not to love?

I think grasping the Grace of God is foundational in establishing trust with our Creator and Friend. This is a beautiful book.

I just love this book. It is on it's way to many friends in difficult times.

One of my favorite books of the year. Beautiful essays written by a beautiful heart. It's a different book and done so well.

I just love this book. It's headed to my friends who share a love of great heels and the perfect scarf.

This book is changing my prayer life every day. One of those books that seems like, but couldn't possibly have been written just for me.

An amazing journey of grace, forgiveness, healing, and sorrow. Best biography I read all year.

I'm a big fan of Lisa Bevere. This is her latest book. Wake up and change your world?? Yes please.

This is a true story that gave me such insight into the Muslim faith. Fascinating.

Sherri Rose Shepherd is amazing. This book is simple, profound ideas to help our temples.

I'm in the middle of this book. Great concept. Well written. One I may have to read again.

And that's the list so far!! What books are you giving this Christmas?


Sandra Heska King said...

Hey! I have a couple of those books. Or three.

Melinda Lancaster said...

Does it count if we give a book to ourself as a gift? I'm hoping to pick up Joni Earekson Tada's "Place of Healing."
Also will be giving Joan Webb's devo "It's a Wonderful Imperfect Life" and Candace Calvert's "Code Triage."
I hope to read Abba's Child some day. Glad you recommend it.