Thursday, January 8, 2009

You could sew it

This is a picture of my car. Well, not exactly this car - I don't know who those people are, but it's the car I have none the less. PT Crusier convertible. I pretty much adore the thing. It's red, it's fast, and it's a convertible. What else could I possibly want in a vehicle? But I do hate EVERYTHING that has to do with maintaining a car. Not a big fan of getting gas, I get free oil changes but don't love having to make the appt. and sit and wait, and I hate when anything goes wrong with it - because I have no clue usually what to do about it. Plus anytime anything is wrong it's a least 100 bucks - I don't care what it is - it's going to be pricey.

So today 1000 miles over what it was supposed to be I took her in for an oil change. The only good thing was Starbucks messed up my order and gave me 2 drinks for the price of one so I was busy with those for awhile. They were supposed to change the oil, but of course the guy pulls out this white thing that's covered in something black (oil?) and says, "Ma'am, this isn't supposed to be black." Ummmmm. . . .okay? And he just stood there like I was going to think up an explanation for why this random piece or car is covered in goo. So finally he said, "Well, we probably need to replace it because it's not supposed to be black." Got it dude. So, I said, "Replace it then." And he said, "Oh, okay." DUH! You don't have to know much about cars to know more than me - believe me. So, they changed it and it was only $30.00 so I suppose I got a bargain. Whatever.

Cars should just last however long and then stop and then you'd have to get a new one!

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