Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh car of mine

If I haven't already mentioned it - I hate all things to do with cars. They're expensive and confusing and I hate it. I might get married just to let someone else handle the whole car situation. I digress. Yesterday my car started making a weird noise like it was bumping into something when I turned left. No big deal, right? WRONG. I decided to take it in this morning after I got my hair done. Here's the rundown.

Good news:
The extended warrenty covers it
I made it to the dealership BEFORE my axel broke loose
The total cost for the repairs is roughly $215 and not $2400
They can fix it today

Bad news:
THE AXEL BROKE OFF MY CAR! What in the world?
It's still going to be $215 because there's something wrong with the brakes too (naturally)

It could be worse. I was just there a few weeks ago! Did they not notice the front end cracking in half!?!?!?! Good night. Alright back to work. Thanks for listening :)

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