Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cancer Friends

One of the greatest things I've ever done is to join a cancer prayer circle after my friend Jenny's little girl was diagnosed with cancer. It's so sad but also so wonderful to pray for these people young and old who are diagnosed with cancer every day. I don't want to turn my blog into just a cancer report from these "friends" but today I have a few very special people who need some extra prayer. Would you pray for them today?

First up is Kristi Walker. After giving birth to her 3rd child she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with mestastasis in the liver, spine, and pelvis. She continues to fight through treatments while trying to care for her 3 children, one an infant. Please pray for her husband and children as well.

Next up is a sweet little girl Eden Adams who died 12/29/08 of Neuroblastoma at age eight and a half. Please pray for her family during such a difficult time.
This next story is almost too much. The Maxey Family has and continues to go through such a struggle. This is their first child Madeline. Madeline only lived to be 13 months old and died of a bladder tumor. This same family. . . . . .

gave birth to sweet Annette just a few months ago. Annette has a brain tumor. She is undergoing treatment right now. Please pray for the strength to get up in the morning and stay strong for this sweet girl. She has already had at least one surgery and has much medical care still ahead of her.

And this is my sweet friend Barb. I joined the organization Chemo angels several years ago where you send gifts and cards to someone with cancer. We've been friends ever since. Barb has an incurable form of blood cancer and struggles through many rounds of treatment. The symptoms kind of come and go, but as she said the other day, "I'm so tired of fighting. I'm sometimes just ready to go home." Please pray for endurance for her and her husband. It's a battle that without a miracle will never end for her. She's a wonderful person.

Thank you so much! I know they appreciate your prayers!

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