Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Your world we're just living in it

It's Your world, we're just living in it.

Sometimes I feel like a house guest on the Earth - you know like I don't really belong here. Don't you? Like I stopped here on my way to somewhere else, somewhere better, like vacation! I appreciate life and know I am here at this time for a reason and a purpose that exceeds my knowledge of the day to day mundane, but still, I'm looking forward to the day when we're really Home. Maybe it's the uncertainty in the world today, the violence, the hunger, the world wide spread of poverty, AIDS, ungodliness, and the downward plummet of the economy. And maybe it's just because we were never meant to be at home here. I just feel a little homesick for Heaven today. I wish I could sit on a big couch with My Father and talk and listen for hours and not be a guest, but be home forever.

Press on until then!

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