Monday, January 12, 2009

All eyes on Israel

You're going to have to forgive this initial rant here. I am so tired of Christians living in cushy America saying things like, "I'm so glad I'm not over there." Yes we have been blessed abundantly to live where we live having the things that we have and the opportunites that we take for granted. But, lest we forget, we are the body of Christ and Israel is His chosen nation. What happens to Israel (and Samalia, and china, and romainia, and australia, and canada for that matter!) happens to us.
Psalm 122:6 has been resonating in my heart for awhile now. It says, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May those who love You be secure." People in Israel today want only security for themselves and for their families and for their nation. Unfortunately, they aren't going to get it for awhile according to prophecy.
When Israel got attacked a few years ago Billy Graham made a public announcement that the more unrest there is in Israel the sooner Jesus would return. He's on his way back. It may not be today or tomorrow or in the next decade but you don't have to read far into Revelation to notice the signs. You can almost use Revelation as your cliff notes to the nightly news.
Scripture has much to say about Israel and our responsibility to pray for them and be concerned for them and to treat them like the chosen people they are and have always been. It's their current state and our future. The new Jerusalem is coming-are you ready?
All eyes on Israel!

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