Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Goodness I have not done a thankful Thursday post in forever. long overdue.

Today I'm thankful that even though I feel like I'm progressing at the speed of a slow snail (ha!), I'm making progress back towards the heart of God. I feel so prodigal-esque most of the time and usually fall asleep at night thinking Lord? Forgive me. please. AGAIN! So thankful for grace-some days, great big buckets of it poured all over our undeserving little ungrateful selves. Or is that just me? :)

-I'm thankful for a very sincere compliment that I received unexpectedly yesterday. Literally melted my heart. (Thank you J.H.!)

-I'm thankful that this morning I messed up my music system in my car which caused it to play Tina Turner and Handle's Messiah interchangeably. Totally the laugh I needed to start my day. I wish I wouldn't have fixed it. Hilarious.

-I'm thankful for my sweet animals that more than once this week have sucked the loneliness right out of my house. I've been working overtime and have hardly had time to throw a ball, but they still jump up and down whenever I walk through the door.

-I'm thankful that I can eat again and that my throat seems to be holding up! I'm thankful that I may not have to live on smoothies alone for the rest of my life even though I didn't mind them.

-I'm thankful for the dichotomy in life that sometimes it seems wide open - blank canvas - endless possibilities and other times it's hard to focus on the next step and that God is equally faithful in both times.

-I'm thankful for basic necessities that I take for granted every single day.

-I'm thankful for questions without answers that even lately have greatly increased my faith.

-I'm thankful for Brennen Manning and Robert Benson 2 of my very favorite authors who can take your soul and cut it into teeny tiny pieces and return it to you filled with the love of God.

-I'm thankful that even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it, even though it's exceptionally lonely at times from an earthly perspective, even though often times I look more like a child of darkness than a loved daughter of the king of kings-He is enough, He is infinitely faithful, He has all the answers, and for reasons still to be determined, He loves me. Do you suppose that if we really got a hold of that fact and let it sink in deep we might just be changed forever? Me too.

What are you thankful for?

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