Sunday, October 18, 2009

Coming soon to a blog near you

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. I have been a bad blogger the past few weeks. I do not have anything interesting to say and last week I was just flat too tired to be spiritual, funny, or a combination of the two. Real life people! :) And unfortunately I have ANOTHER 15 days of complete craziness. I know I've been terrible about updates too-don't hate! Here's a few areas of concern for the week and know that I'm praying for all the things you e-mail, text or call me about. I love you and care about you but God is so able to meet you right where you are and I'm asking Him to do just that for you. So keep them coming. I love to hear when He answers the big prayers and the small ones.

Prayer Requests:
-Hopefully the last Dr. Appt. for this throat business on Wednesday. Have to have another scope which I'm basically dreading, but I know that's the only way they can see down there! There are still questions about whether or not to do further tests to determine why all this chaos happened in the first place and how to keep it from happening again. I'm tempted to say, "I feel better-no more tests!" but I also would like my throat not to close up again. It feels SO much better-especially since I've been cooperating! What a thought. Thanks for praying.

-I have an important meeting on Thursday for work about some upcoming changes. Let's just say it has not been my finest faith filled spiritual hour with uncertainties at work! I'm praying for a productive time Thursday.

-On the work front-I'm working crazy off the chain hours at the hospital to help fill in for the next few weeks as well as my regular shifts at both jobs. Please pray when I have opportunity to sleep that I can. If I don't I might not make it!

-Last one! Promise :) I appreciate sharing our prayer requests about the everyday stuff, but I especially love to share with you where we are struggling spiritually. You know I loved the Esther study especially the discipline of it and I've loved being back in church but my personal time with Him is struggling! I can't find the time, what to study, or the words to pray sometimes and I'm super frustrated. It just makes me want to cry honestly. I know how in need I am of Him and for all He's done for me just today it should be easy to maintain a good relationship with him. I still feel so spiritually disconnected sometimes and I know my schedule makes it worse. I just want to get back to a place of solid consistant connectedness-soon!

You all are the best! I'm praying tonight that God would meet you right where you are. I know so many of your heart's desires, the seemingly forgotten prayers that you've prayed over and over again without an obvious answer and the fears that seek to destroy you. I do not take it lightly that you felt like you could share those with me and I'm lifting each and every one of them up to the Father tonight asking Him to wrap His arms around you. Sleep well knowing He who loves you perfectly watches over you day and night.


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