Saturday, October 24, 2009


So, I really meant to take an updated picture of my house this year for this post but we're a month past the houseaversary and I didn't do it. Plus my house is in desperate need of a pressure wash which it's getting next month. And the weeds are overtaking it which let's be honest-I'm not going to pull.

To my little sweet house of 5 whole years! This year you've gotten some new bedroom floor treatments and some great new paint. You got updated wall quotes and finally some new light fixtures in the kitchen. You got a super sweet outdoor lab puppy that might just tear your door right off the hinges! And you got a new dryer after your first one tried to explode.

And this year you're getting a brand new walkway, some great new landscaping, pressure washed, and some deep cleaning-don't worry-mostly not done by me :)

You have been a true gift from the Lord. A haven for me and for others along the way. I know you're glad my grandparents are packing their bags because they take much better care of you than I do! They'll be here soon and you'll smell like pine sol, windex and real food once again! :)

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