Tuesday, March 3, 2009

wrapping it up

Survey says-IT'S GOOD! The new Starbucks instant coffee is out. Love love love it. The tumbler that came with mine holds the little instant coffee packs in a pouch on the side of your cup! Oh my. My addiction just hit a brand new level of crazy! I still prefer my quad venti nonfat no foam no whip latte-but this will do in an emergency!
That said-I'm signing off for a few days. I'm wrapping up some things at the store today and have a bazillion errands to run tonight and lots of packing to do! Tomorrow night is a huge by invitation only event at the store that will be sheer craziness until at least 11 pm. Working the weekend and then heading to Illinois VERY early Monday morning for a few days. I may or may not have time to blog while I'm there-you were warned! I'll be home Friday afternoon just in time to rest up for another weekend-whew! I'm looking forward to getting away for a few days-if I can just get out of town!
Thanks for the continued prayers on the job front. We had a significant meeting at Greenleaf on Tuesday. I think things with our new temporary boss will be fine and we'll just have to see what the future holds. For now they are planning on things staying the same as far as I know. They did eliminate the marketing dept. which got rid of a few jobs. Hopefully things will level out not just in my job but in the whole economy very soon!
Gotta run. Some of you I'll see very soon! Those of you (and you know who you are!) who are facing some of the hardest days of your lives with unexpected chaos, you are so heavy on my heart today. I love you and I'm praying every minute that the God of comfort and the Peace that passes understanding would truly be yours in Christ Jesus. I'm praying he would quiet your anxious minds with his love and that you would know he rejoices over you with singing. Hang in there friends!
Love to you all!

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