Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is going to be a random post but that's what you get :)

Some of you have asked about Missy and Ryan. So sorry I am so bad about keeping you updated! Please don't feel bad about asking me if you want to know anything-I'm glad to let you know and glad for the reminder!
Ryan is doing great. He's responding well to the current treatment regimen and even got to play outside in the snow last weekend!
Missy is still fighting and has been able to be up and around some. She says she's feeling better even though the cancer could be worse.
As if that's not enough, their other son Will has a strange infection in his legs and was hospitalized yesterday. Please pray it's nothing serious!
Please continue to keep this family in your prayers.

No real book review today. I've been reading kids fiction for work which I kind of enjoy sometimes! There's a great new book coming out for pre-teen guys called The Last Thing I Remember. Despite myself-I enjoyed it! Very fast paced. I'm sending it on to Matthew-the only teen guy I know who reads more than I do! (P.S. I find great hope for the future when a teenager is calling me wanting to know the latest Christain book to read-you're the best buddy!) His Nana owns the store where I work.

I'm working on a comprehensive list of the books I've read/want to read this year. I LOVE when I know what people are reading and it will be a good reference for me in the future. Coming soon-stay tuned!

I love days when you feel like you've accomplished what you set out to do and yesterday was that day. Nothing major-I just like days when you can trash the whole to do list at the end of the day because it's all checked off! Worked 8 hours, nails done, great workout at the gym, finished books I needed to finish for work, facial, bills paid. . . . .and on and on. I love going to bed at night feeling like I did it all! I hope when I get to Heaven I feel like I did everything God put on my to do list here on the Earth.

On a totally unrelated note-my dog Ella who by the way has not been a puppy for almost 4 years CHEWED UP MY BROWN LEATHER SHOES last night! What in the world? Apparently she needs some attention although she's pretty much the queen of the castle and I need some new shoes! Craziness.

I'm finally going to see the movie Slumdog Millionare tonight. I've both wanted to and not wanted to see it for awhile now. It won all the oscars and my friends have all said it's "sad but worth seeing." Hmmmm. I hope it's good. I'll let ya know.

For those who have asked Yes I only sweeten food/drinks with Stevia. You can get it at GNC or at amazon.com. I recommend the liquid myself. The flavors are good too.

Okay, back to work. Have a good day! :)

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