Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh be careful

DISCLAIMER: The following is JUST my opinion and you have to promise to be friends with me even after your read it even if you disagree. You promise? Okay-continue on. :)

Someone asked me this morning if I thought charismatic people were going to Heaven. Wow. I should probably say that apparently I have an invisible tattoo on my forehead that says, "Go ahead ask me anything-I can handle it." It's always been that way and I pretty much find people's questions interesting so I don't care. I tried first to take the politically correct route and said, "I think everyone who has put their faith if Jesus and accepted his gift of salvation is going to heaven regardless of their method of worship. No go. The person then replies, "Yes, but can people who believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit go to heaven?"

It seriously took everything within my Monday tired self to not say WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?

I make it a rule in my life not to get into arguments about non-issues.

-I will not discuss drinking with you-I personally don't drink-I personally don't care if you do.
-I do not smoke. I don't really think it's good for you to smoke. I really think people who smoke know it's not good for them and probably don't need me telling them that. So I don't.
-I don't think you can lose your salvation. Some people do. My solution? Stay close to the Lord and you won't have to worry about it.
-I think abortion is wrong. All the time wrong. I do not wish to discuss possible theories of when it would be acceptable-it's not.
-I think sex before marriage is wrong-all the time wrong. I will not get into a discussion with you about "how far is too far." If you feel guilty about what you're doing-stop doing it! Duh. I understand people are human and make mistakes but if you do acknowledge it and stop! I hate to see people trapped in making the same mistakes over and over again.
-I think God forgives everything. Period. I do not believe in unforgivable sin-that contradicts itself. We needed forgiveness-God sent a Savior.
-I don't think baptism equals salvation. Thief on the cross not baptized. Thief on the cross in Heaven. I am all for baptism but I don't think not being baptized will send you straight to Hell. I just don't.

So those are my non issues. Feel free to disagree. I'm happy to discuss just about anything but those particular issues end up going around in a circle anyway and sometimes even with Bible things you just have to agree to disagree. You can argue some things to death, but in the long run they may not matter.

That said I always seem to end up in denominational debates with people. When you're in the counseling field people assume you're already heard it all and they're pretty much right. I've said it before-I hate denominations. I understand their purpose but I hate the separation of the Body of Christ. I grew up in a Bible church, went to a Methodist College, Spent a year in college at a Christian church, 3 years in college at a charismatic church and now attend a non-denominational church. In college I spent several days of silence at a monastery and can easily say my faith grew the most during those times. I adore the catholic church and I love the charismatic church. I can find God where I am and I love that he doesn't always show up like we expect him to.

I'm not getting into what I think about the charismatic beliefs on my blog right now. Even though I love a great spiritual discussion, it doesn't matter and my personal beliefs and experiences may not line up with yours and vice versa. I will tell you what I told the guy this morning.

"Yes, I think charismatic people may get into heaven, but not if they play with snakes or hang from the chandeliers!" He laughed. I'm glad we're not all the same parts of the body of Christ. How boring would that be?

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