Tuesday, March 3, 2009

oh my word

Just a quick update. I went back to the car dealership at lunch and the verdict is NO DEAL! I had NO as in ZERO peace about the whole situation on my way there. They again wanted to raise my monthly payment-um hello? Are you living in the same economy that I am? And again I say - YOU CAME TO ME! Apparently they had already promised my car to someone else because they were blubbering all over themselves trying to make me a deal. I think it's safe to say that they were VERY disappointed I wouldn't do it.

It's amazing how quickly you can get wrapped up in something that wasn't even your idea to start with! Wednesday morning when I woke up I had no intention of getting rid of my car. I love my car!! But they planted the idea and made sure it was good and watered to the point that I actually believed it. Their comment today was, "But the new one's a convertable!" DUH-SO'S MY CURRENT ONE DUMMY!

Their final comment was, "Do you want us to call and discuss this with your dad?" UM EXCUSE ME! I'm 29 years old, own my own home that I had built thank you and pay my own bills! WRONG CARD to play on Ms. Independent that I pride myself in being.

Good news? I found out this week that my car is now a collectable and very rare. They aren't making them anymore and apparently the red ones are in high demand. Cool. I'll just hold out for now, but if any of you want to buy it for 2 million dollars we have a deal! HA! :)


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