Tuesday, March 3, 2009

update on the job front

Thanks for your continued prayers about my job situation that I realize seems to be going on forever (try being me!). My boss was transferred out this morning to a new department. I'm so thankful she still has a job, but I will miss her so much. We've been great friends in addition to her being a wonderful boss. My position will be supervised temporarily by the director of nursing and eventually be under the director of behavioral health who is still to be hired.

Being that I just love change (ahem), I'm just a little anxious about how things will turn out. All I could hear from the Lord this morning was, "Peace child." He is the peace that passes understanding. I know I am fortunate in this economy to have a job at all and I do appreciate the Lord's provision and presence in my life.

Just wanted to keep you updated and thanks again for all the prayers. You guys are the best!

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