Monday, December 15, 2008

Operation clean my house

I keep my house picked up maybe 90% of the time, but I do not CLEAN my house every week. 1. I'm the only one who lives there and 2. I don't even live there that many hours a week. So, usually when I end up with company coming it throws me into a tailspin. I would really like to be a person who's home stayed ready for company and that may make the new year's resolution list, but quite frankly - I'm not. So when my grandparents announced that there's a good chance they are heading to Georgia SATURDAY as in THIS SATURDAY I was like uh oh. So, I'm forgoing the gym this week to get my house and guest rooms in order and trust me - it will be a workout!
On a positive note I have gotten rid of a whopping 350 books in the last few weeks and have 16 bags of clothes ready to go to goodwill. Progress has been made! Just not enough really :) With any luck I can work really hard tonight and tomorrow night and be done! I see starbucks in my future - like in 2.5 hours!
To cleaning!!!

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Haley said...

You should totally sell your books online. Some of us could benefit from the already socially screened reading list you would be able to offer! :) -Haley