Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Coffee Filled Christmas

Oh my goodness! I love Christmas and you should see the coffee stuff that has crossed my path during the holidays. I don't know how you all could even know I like coffee (ahem) but I'm so glad you do! Here's the rundown of some of my favorite gifts . . . . . .

A Coffee zip up jacket (oh my word - it's adorable)
Coffee earrings
A coffee house for my kitchen
Starbucks pitcher for steaming milk
Starbucks espresso shot glasses
25 coffee ornaments (so cute!)
Starbucks coffee (pounds and pounds)
Starbucks gift cards
Starbucks coffee mugs
Starbucks Tazo Tea set
A new sign for my coffee themed kitchen that says Expresso yourself! LOVE IT!
A coffee clock that has a swinging spoon as a second hand (the greatest!)
A coffee bank that says money money money for coffee coffee coffee
A coffee desk clock that's a teeny tiny espresso machine

And I'm so sure I'm forgetting something, but I love them all! I'll post pictures soon!

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