Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Odyssey!

To my favorite boy in all the world! I can't believe we've been best friends for 6 years. . . oh my. I remember flying all the way to Illinois to get you and the first night when you wouldn't sleep thinking I made a huge mistake! It was short lived because you had my heart on the plane ride home when you peeked out of your crate every 5 minutes just to see if I was still there! You have taught me so much about loyalty and being a friend - you're the best at it!

I love that you always know what kind of day I've had.
I love that you jump up and down when I come in the door even if I just went to get the mail!
I love that you don't hurt Ella even though she fusses at you sometimes.
I love that if Ella pitches a fit you'll give her your bone even if you're not finished with it.
I love that you'll do anything for cheese and chicken.
I love that you love your bear and you go get it at night and take it to bed with you.

I hope you know I've loved you every day of your life and there's no stopping me now. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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