Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Singles Anonymous

I really don't write much on here about being single because it's honestly not that interesting to me. I can't stand when people whine on and on for hours on end about not having a spouse. I'm glad to listen and at times I can relate, but personally, I would not like to be labeled ONLY by my marital status.

I read a blog this week that said, "I don't write a lot about being single because I'm not that good at it!"

I understand that.

Just this week at dinner my friends asked me to pray. I said, "If I have to hear myself pray one more time I'm going to throw up. The only person I ever hear pray-is ME!" Not my finest spiritual moment maybe, but I meant it. I do get bored with me :) (And they blessed me with THE sweetest prayers-sometimes you just have to point out what you need. Just sayin)

Here's my take on it since so many e-mails lately have mentioned it and several people younger than me have attempted to make me the Spokesperson for Christian singles.....not really.....and......uhhh no.

I believe in a bigger God than to think because I went to Chili's last week and not Applebee's I have missed a divine appointment in my life to meet my future spouse. I can't live like that. It makes me nuts.

God certainly knows I've been on this earth for 30 years and just because people get married every day at 18 doesn't mean that's His perfect will for this life. Period.

I believe with all my heart in the call God has on this life. I may not know how it will all play out and the twists and turns that it will take, but I do know I'll do everything I can not to interfere with His perfect will.

I'm not going to marry someone because I'm older.
I'm not going to marry someone because I feel like God has kept me waiting long enough.
I'm not going to marry someone to fit in better socially.
no no no

I'm not going to marry anyone until I'm sure that God has positioned that person to come alongside this life and help me be in Christ more than I could ever be alone. Not a perfect person-just a person in love with an amazingly perfect God.

And if he doesn't come?
Then he doesn't come.
And it won't be because I'm not at the bar tonight tracking him down-just sayin.

It doesn't change that I get bored with me. It won't help some lonely nights and long days and the inescapable feeling sometimes that you just wish SOMEONE was there for you unconditionally. It won't change that sometimes you do want to come home and tell someone what happened today. It won't change that sometimes it is hard when you feel like everything falls just on you. It won't change that a whole lot of the time you feel like you're doing a whole lot of life all by yourself. And it is hard. Really, I get it.

But I wouldn't trade any of it for knowing I'm in God's will for this life at this moment in time.

I don't want people to see me as single. I want people to see this life as one that trusts God enough to know He is enough. I wasn't there before the foundation of this world when he laid out the plan for this life and what happens tomorrow is up to Him.

I'm loving Him more everyday. Trusting in His sovereignty. Relying on His strength.

Single minded.
Single focused.
On Him.


Jenni Dean said...

Good call, Brenda. I like.

Brenda Finkle said...

Well said - God's will for your life is evident through your faithful service and commitment to that service. We all admire your gifts - which you have in abundance. Know too, we're here to listen and to support you - even on those days that you wish you could feel the presence of God more acutely. I'm here to listen anytime.

Melinda Lancaster said...

I believe when we are singely focused on God, He allows everything to fall into place.
You're on the right track! I'm glad common friends allowed our paths to cross.

God bless!