Friday, November 19, 2010

When Virtual Becomes Reality

It all started when a mutual friend followed @TamiHeim on twitter.
She posted great spiritual stuff every morning-so I followed her too.
I posted a blog about funny things overheard at Starbucks.
She commented the next day about something overheard at Starbucks.
I suggested she read my blog post by sending her the link on Twitter.
She did.
We became facebook friends.
We chatted back and forth on line on occasion about important things like Jesus and coffee.
One of us thought it might be fun to meet for coffee. (MOI!)
I was in Nashville last summer.
We did meet for coffee. And lunch. And a trip to the chiropractor. And the bookstore.
And dinner. And chatting.
It was wonderful.
She was a part of @Virtual_Abbey.
I loved following them.
So I offered to help lead prayer.
Which I do. On Wednesday nights. (You should come)
Over time all of these people got added to my daily influences on line.
A lot lot lot of wonderful people.
And I realized my prayers at night often times covered people I'd never met.
But I knew them.
Our relationship foundation is fun facebook wall posts.
And a running joke about pink highlights.
Virtual good night hugs and a whole lot of Jesus.
We met in real life last week.
It's a God thing. For real.
Just this week we've shared some heart things by e-mail
And my life is better with her in it.
It's God's grace she lives relatively close to me.
I don't honestly remember when @SandraHeskaKing got added to the mix
But she did. Big time.
Michigan started feeling REALLY far away the more I knew her.
And then the chance came last week to meet her.
When I told her I was coming she screamed. On twitter.
It was funny. I'm keeping it forever.
I didn't know if the relationship would translate.
I like me better on-line sometimes myself.
But from the first hug I knew.
This was a God thing.
And I miss her more than I thought you could miss someone
you've only known in real life for a few hours.
And plans this spring are to have virtual visitors to Georgia
Can. Not. Wait.
When a single tweet leads to big real life hugs
you know.
It's God.


Tami said...

Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. One for all of us. YAY God - it's all because of HIM. Me-grateful. Grateful for YOU.

Sandra Heska King said...

Oh, Brenda! This is an amazing post!

A trip to the chiropractor?? That is funny.

A God thing. Definitely. Amazing God.

Amazing you. Love you.

Kelly Young said...

Me-cry. Love this post! God is good & He is everywhere. God is good everywhere, even on Twitter.

Meredith Gould said...

Love this post and know what you mean about the "God thing" thing. Loving how the Holy Spirit is vibrantly present in our lives online and IRL (in real life). #PBWY

Melinda Lancaster said...

Can't wait for our tweet up!
We're so blessed to share such "bright lights" as friends.
Love you!

~~Melinda Y.~~ said...

Grateful for God grateful for you. God's timing is perfect. Georgia has been on my heart and mind alot in the last 3mths.
"Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind..."

Sue said...

AMEN, I love all of you in the Abbey community!

Brenda Finkle said...

God, present in our daily lives, connecting us to others who enrich our lives. To fill those places that only He knows need to be filled. What more can we ask or need? We (The Virtual Abbey) and me personally have been blessed through YOUR presence in our lives. You are a gift to each and everyone you encounter - both virtually and in real life.

We love you! This is an amazing post - I'm printing and keeping it.

To my other online prayer sisters - love you.