Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Be Still and Know

It was a chance to hear myself think and determine if my thoughts were good. Breathing space. A view where bringing a book leaves one certain God can say more than any mortal ever could. To feel the breeze and remember we were made for something more than this world. An eternal moment. A hope filled embrace by a Father that cares for the overwhelmed moments of a single life.A reminder that He is enough. A reminder that this life does not turn on the axis of my own predictability. A destiny ordained before "Let there be Light" was spoken into the great expanse. Created not just for something greater-but Someone.

A day that closed in this chapel, in complete darkness except for a single candle. Prayers whispered from the faithful on behalf of the struggling. 15 minutes of incomparable reverence reverberating in a heart longing to be Holy. Marveling at the number of prayers prayed in these walls I added my own, knowing from age to age I AM remains faithful.

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Melinda Lancaster said...

I'm so glad you had such a day. Even more delighted that the great I Am is forever faithful.
Sometimes it takes being still to know!