Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 3-A Temple Presentable

Over 2 years ago I gave up sugar completely. It was meant to be a 6 month jump start on the road to healthier eating and living. After 6 months I knew I could never go back. I felt so much better and there was no redeeming value to adding it again "just because." Sugar wasn't something I could manage-it had to be eliminated. Best decision I ever made.

These 40 days find me evaluating other areas of this temple that need work. Now that the 1/2 marathon is behind me I've decided in this stage of life not to train for a longer race. I ran a marathon in college and it is for sure an accomplishment, but it's not something I'm willing to sacrifice that much time for right now.

Psychology experts will tell you, if you want to change something, anything, start walking. There's something that clicks in the mind with the perpetual motion of walking. It's a sign that we're moving forward to the body, soul and spirit. Some of the Godliest people I know walk.....a lot.

So I'm adding walking back into my schedule. My dogs are THRILLED at the thought of it. And I'm eliminating (for now) some ridiculous pace. I try to walk 5 mph when I walk for exercise. Right now I'm just focusing on walking. Being outside (or on the treadmill). Taking the opportunity to zone out or tune in if you will. Again-the opportunity to just be. To breathe in fresh air, listen to praise music, move forward figuratively and literally.

I'm planning a time of fasting in the next few days. I planned on starting this immediately with the beginning of the 40 days, but being sick and a mixture of other things added up to what would be failure. So, in the next day or so I will begin that part. I'm not sure how long, but probably 3-5 days. I'm not such a huge fan of fasting, but it's always amazing what God can do through a body not focused on food. In the words of one of my friends, "I love to fast except for the not eating part." :)

I will continue with the walking, the yoga, the focus on healthier eating/fasting throughout the 40 days and hopefully beyond.

Our responsibility to care for these temples and keep them at optimal availability for the holy spirit to use as he sees fit is vital in our effectiveness as a Christian.

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Sherri Rene said...


Thanks for this post! I have just started walking again and I read this when I just came in from a walk this evening. I can't go as fast or far as I used to and was feeling a little discouraged. But you are right, the important thing is just to be present during the walk, not the speed or distance covered. Blessings on your 40-day journey!