Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Booga Booga Land-Thomas Nelson

The DVD industry has come a long way with cartoons especially in the religious market. This DVD is cute. The characters are lovable and easy to relate to, the stories are easy to follow and the pace is fast moving. The graphics most of the time were fairly up to date for a cartoon. I thought the story lines were good and portrayed the various parables quite well. However, the ending of the stories left a little bit to be desired as far as an explanation. I thought they could have taken a moment at the end to "debrief" to make sure the parable really sticks in the minds of children. Otherwise, I thought it was great! Glad to hear they intend to make more episodes covering more parables in the near future. On a side note, the ancillary products that accompany the dvd's as far as plush, etc. are ADORABLE. Great additions to this series.


Anonymous said...

I like the mental image of you curling up with your pups and watching this. lol

NRIGirl said...

Hi! Glad to visit you at your blog. Sure, will try Booga Booga land for my kids...

Would you care for some Coffee with Jesus?!

~ NRIGirl