Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friday off

I know it seems like I keep taking Fridays off but it isn't true-just a few! But tomorrow I'm so happy to be off again! I'm going to spend the day snuggled up with my dogs reading a good book. Speaking of good books, you can expect a complete review of Magnificent Obsession next week. I'd totally make it a book club selection if I thought I could wait that long! I can't. I still think you should read it. I can't tell you how every other page I've felt like someone gets it. Really gets it! I'm sure Anne Graham Lotz did not necessarily have me in mind when she wrote it (WHAT? :)) but she spoke right to this heart of mine which as of late has been a little unsteady!!

God keeps gently whispering to me in so many ways, "What if you really believed I was enough for you?" I've loved the conversations I've had with some of you on that very topic this week! You probably didn't even know it was divine timing! More on that in a future blog too.

Until then, hope you're enjoying Fearless by Max Lucado! Review coming October 1st. And I will announce the other titles for fall ASAP at your request. As you wish! :)

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