Monday, September 7, 2009


Your coffee questions answered! First of all it makes me laugh that you all think I'm an expert on coffee. I don't know that drinking amazing amounts of it actually qualifies me as an expert but I will answer the questions from the comments I've gotten recently. Here goes......
-Yes, I have an espresso machine and yes I CAN brew my own espresso but I usually don't. Espresso shots only last 30 seconds before they start turning bitter and that's a lot of pressure! Plus it makes a huge mess and has a bunch of parts to clean which I'm not really into. But technically yes, I can and I have.
-If I could only drink one coffee for the rest of my life it would be dark roast african coffee in a french press. I'm trying not to drink as much french press coffee because it is bad for your cholesterol, but I truly love it.
-Yes I get a splitting headache when I don't drink coffee. I'm trying to pretend that's not a sign of addiction :)
-speaking of roasts, I will drink medium roasts if I have to but you won't catch me drinking light roast coffee except in an emergency :) I like really dark roast coffee-the stronger the better.
-My favorite starbucks drink? Well, my starbucks experience was a little more interesting before I gave up sugar. I pretty much either drink Pike's Place drip coffee or a quad venti non fat iced latte which is just espresso and skim milk over ice. Boring I know. If I was still eating sugar I'd be drinking the pumpkin spice latte. It's the best and I miss them :(
-I did get a few questions about hot tea. I don't know anything about tea and I only drink it if I'm deathly ill. I do own a teapot that I use to boil the water for the french press :)
-Since I gave up sugar I use regular cream and truvia sweetner. I can drink it black and I do on the weekends, but I think it's more fun with stuff in it.
-The golden rule for brewed coffee is half plus one. If you're making 12 cups of water then you use 7 tablespoons of coffee - get it?
-Coffee goes bad on the burner after 15 minutes. If you're not going to drink it by then, put it in a carafe. Please don't ask me if I reheat coffee in the microwave - blasphamy! :)
-I don't really remember when I became obsessed with coffee. My friends from college and I used to study at Coffee Times which is an awesome coffee shop in Lexington so probably sometime around then. They roast my very favorite coffee of all times - Cinnamon Nut Graham. MMMMM!
-Do not freeze coffee beans. Just don't. Store them in an airtight canister. Just do.
-I like to grind my coffee fresh for brewed coffee and I do sometimes, but I get lazy and let starbucks grind it a lot. I don't grind my own for the french press. I let starbucks do that on their cool machine :)
-No, I've never had civet coffee and I think that sounds disgusting. Look it up if you want to know.
-yes people always buy me coffee stuff. No I don't mind a bit! I don't think I leave much room for people to wonder if I like it.
-yes I actually do know what I spend on coffee a year and it's a lot! But I don't drink, smoke, gamble, go out very often and I work all the time so there :)
Did I get most of them? If not we'll do another post later. fun!
To coffee!

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