Saturday, September 19, 2009

Childhood cancer prayer requests

WARNING (Krystal!) this is not a happy post!!

I know it's not fun to think about childhood or any kind of cancer, but I am going to do one final post this month for Childhood Cancer Awareness month with some updates from the families we've prayed for over the past year or so.

Remember Catie who died at age 4 after a 3 year battle with a brain tumor? Since this sweet family sent Catie home to be with Jesus they've welcomed not 1 but 2 healthy siblings-a boy and a girl! Jenny gave birth to her 2nd daughter just days after saying goodbye to her first. They have an amazing story and a wonderful testimony to the goodness of God even while grieving.
This is Katie and her sweet baby girl Reese. As far as the Dr's knew Reese was very healthy, but 2 days after a normal delivery she died unexpectedly on August 13th. Please continue to pray for this family. Katie wrote an awesome blog post the other day about finding unexpected hope - incredible. She didn't have cancer, but still such an incredible loss.

And this is the update I almost can't see through tears to write. Remember when we prayed for the Maxey family when their daughter Madeline was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her kidney? She lived just a little over a year before she died from complications.

2 years later they had Grant a healthy baby boy who is doing well still today!
And last year they had baby Annette-a beautiful healthy baby girl who unbelievably was diagnosed with cancer also before she turned 2 months old. She died this past week. The visitation is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow at 2 P.M. Please remember this sweet family this weekend in prayer who will bury a 2nd child to this horrible disease.

You can see their story on

Every child is a gift. Don't take it lightly today to have healthy children/grandchildren in your life.

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