Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The End/Tuesday book review

Oh I just hate when good things come to an end. By the time this posts I will have finished my Esther homework for the week and except for the last dvd lesson tonight - the study. SAD! It's been such a great time. I've loved every Beth Moore study I've ever done. Some have applied more to my life at that time and this one takes the cake. I'm thankful for new clarity of Esther's life and circumstances. I'm thankful for the practical life lessons Mordecai offered. I'm thankful for the gentle reminders to heed God's warning to guard our hearts against the mistakes of Haman and Xerxes. I'm thankful anew that God has a plan for my life, that He will not fulfill my destiny without me, that his providence is in place and that his decrees over my life cannot be revoked. He's more powerful than our circumstances, more faithful than our fears, and more interested in our journey then even we are. He was faithful to Esther, faithful to the Jews and He is faithful to us!

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